hello, and welcome.

old friends may realize my return, along with some changes. new people- never mind all that! i am happy that you stopped by.

what will i be doing with my blog?

here is what you need to know:

i love stories. whether told in words, pictures or in actions. i am a thinker. i can be slightly awkward. when i start a book reading binge, i don’t want to stop because when i do i feel somewhat empty. i can be a bit like charlie from the perks of being a wallflower, where a new book can become my most favorite cherished book until i read another one. i can see stories in my head, but they don’t necessarily translate very well. maybe one day i will end up in an cottage in the england countryside with some sheep or maybe in new york city. i am quite the dreamer, and i don’t really know what i want to do.

i am married to my best friend and i have two dogs that i sing to daily. my life is better because of those three.

so, my blog, it will probably be a hodge-podgery of things. good things. and i hope you will stick around.

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